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Thank you to all who donated. The fundraising was closed in 2017. Grateful to all who helped us relocate to the netherlands where family was waiting to support us. I have the best friends and supporters. We couldn't have done it without you.


Many friends are offering services to help raise funds.
If you’d like to receive one of the below services:
1. Please message the person on the list with your request to make sure there is room in the cue.
Send corresponding donation (each list if different) to

3. I will confirm your donation within 24 hours and you and your person can work out the details of your service!


Big thanks to all on this list for helping, those that are taking advantage of their kind offers and donating, and to those donating money, time and energy to help me move. It’s humbling and inspiring!

Together we can get me and my kids home, and we can finally get well!

Services for Donations to Kait Moon's Moving Fund. Please follow above directions for claiming your service and donating.

To see images/examples please click here

Neil Gaiman Art by Anita Clipston
Anita has painted an amazing fanart of Neil Gaiman and is donating all proceeds to my moving fund. Prints are $30 plus shipping costs. If you are in Canada the shipping is free. Those outside Canada please include an additional $5 for postage.) LIMITED TO 10 PRINTS!

Hand lettering by Whina

Donate $1+ to the moving fund and Whina will hand letter up to five words of your choice. To get in the cue follow directions above then, Email her at

Pixel Arts Avatars
Jorge Silva Rodighiero is offering Pixel Arts Avatars in exchange of donations to Kait Moon's paypal account with a suggested donation of USD$10 or more. Here is his public post with the offer. Including samples of his work!

Personalized poems & stories/Editing Services

1. PM or email at ( for donations on long works. Cecily has been an editor for many years in many capacities, and is currently a PM and editor for an e-learning company.

2. Once she accepts, drop agreed upon donation to

Personalized writing:

$5: You get a short poem written for you.

$40 gets you a short story. No one gets it but you.


$50 entittles you to 3 poems edited.

$250 and you can have her edit a novella.


Tarot Readings

1) Contact Katherine Chesher to chose the topic of your reading.

2) Once she accepts, drop a donation to Minimum recommended donations are in the picture below. Please pay what you think it is worth, and higher donations are certainly encouraged.

$1 for a 1 card spread

$3 for a 3 card spread

$5 for 5 cards

$10 = 7-12 cards

Sample topics you can ask about:
 Anything related to fiction writing - difficulties with character, plot, setting.  She has an especially favourite reading for fleshing out characters which you feel need some more, well, character. -

Serious: using a reading to help in thinking through a particular problem/issue/difficulty that you're having at the moment. (I would recommend at least a three card reading for this.)
Non-serious readings: such as 'what does this fictional character think of me?', 'why does my cat keep eating all the letters I receive?', 'who exactly is going to be cast as the next Doctor?'. (Note: I won't predict what a real person thinks of you even for fun only because it makes me feel creepy.) -
Generic: 'I would like my fortune told for the experience but don't know what to ask' readings. - Completely over the top Professor Trelawney-esque readings (recommend a shorter reading for these).
Nice readings also available, but less fun.

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