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The Lunasea scout guide for breastfeeding families is the first and only book of it's kind. Only 36 pages long packs all the info parents, caregivers and family need to help support breastfeeding parents through the most crucial stages of feeding their children. Featuring informative and engaging illustrations by Christene Brinkman and Kait Moon.

The Lunasea Scout Guide for Breastfeeding Families is a pocket-sized, inclusive, evidence based guidebook for every family wanting to feed their baby human milk. Its covers ten tips for improving supply, recipes, and many pages of resources and references aimed at helping you smooth the way to successfully feeding your baby human milk. Great for new parents and seasoned veterans alike.


What people are saying:

"I think this book is a wonderful resource. It is brief but packed with key information, including much of what I discuss with new breastfeeders in the hospital all the time. Its warmth and empathy is a connection to the mother to mother support that we have lost over generations. I would recommend it to any breastfeeding mother or anyone who works with or supports breastfeeding mothers."

Hilary Gerber D.O.
Chief Resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology

"This new resource is so exciting and wonderful for many reasons, especially because it is welcoming of baby-feeding trans dads like me. As a birthing/baby-feeding trans father, I am moved to see parents like me welcomed in this loving and informed breastfeeding resource.”

Simon Knaphus
Writer, Activist, Lawyer, and Rad Dad contributor

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All items come with a limited edition art card (see photo.)

Lunasea scout guide for Breastfeeding Families.

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