2nd edition, proof copy (identical to the print version) Released as a patron-only item. A small number are now available for purchase through this site. 

From the Amazon.com listing:

An atypical tale of love, loss, and magic. This is a memoir, but it’s not in a straight line of stories with a nice clean ending. It’s a pull-you-by-the-hand series of short pieces that meet the chaos, trauma, and resilience of the human spirit head-on. It contains slices of each stage of life, crossing timelines and spanning decades. Part diary, part history, the casual and intimate prose, poetry, and short stories highlight the struggles and triumphs of a life lived on the edge of poverty underscored by the intersecting challenges of disability, chronic illness, parenting, sexual assault, homelessness, substance abuse. This is an hours-long chat with a friend, not a documentary of a tidy life. It’s the pieces we try to hide from, but which form us. This is what it looks like when one spends a lifetime eating pain for dinner and you’re invited to the main course. Follow Kait Moon on social media via the links at kaitmoonarts.com, and connect with their growing online community at Patreon.com/kaitmoon

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Pain Eater by Kait Moon