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Flash Back: Vlog (Being Seen)

A few months ago I was in a Facebook group and posted something really vulnerable and almost no one commented.

It crushed me.

Not because I felt like what I had to say was unworthy of being seen, but because I didn't know why my vulnerable call (in a group that was open to that kind of post) fell by the wayside, while other posts, even ones like mine, were being seen, commented on and engaged with.

What was wrong with me?? Why can't I internet?

Then I started paying more attention and I realized, it had nothing at all to do with me as a person, and everything to do with HOW I peopled online.

So I got over it, I used what I'd learned to be seen more, to reach out and connect more and as I began reaching out (by using the things I mention in this video) my net appeared.

A social group formed around me, yes even online, and in the midst of all of that I found a support system that helped me realize my talents more fully, friends that have literally saved me from the edge, collaborators that challenge me daily and artists that are pushing my preconceived ideas of what i'm capable of, by sharing their art and processes with me.

Without that net, This blog would not exist, my art would not be around the world, and I'd still be wondering why people wouldn't respond to me.

I chose not to take things personally and good things happened. Then I noticed a lot of others going through what I 'd gone through and it broke my heart.

So, I made this video to help others find their net and "Be Seen." It's been viewed over 230 times simply by being by word of mouth and I'm sharing it here with you. It's rough. It is unpolished. I'm in my pajamas but it's from the heart.

--- You can see more of my videos, art and other creative projects, as well as gain behind the scenes access to my work and creative life on Patreon

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