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Two new time lapse videos released!

Hey friends! I've released two new time lapse videos of my current Works in Progress (WIP) on Youtube thanks to my Patreon patrons! Massive gratitude to my sustainers who helped me fund the creation of this video, and to my Robot Minion for their help in piecing the content together in such a beautiful way. My $10/up patrons received exclusive early, ad free access to these videos in the month of June and now I release them to the public! If you'd like to see ad-free videos of my WIPs and other aspects of my creative journey, please join me and over 80 people who are making my creative work a reality. I release exclusive Patron only content monthly, and offer great perks to all levels of patronage. Even $1 gains you exclusive content and every single dollar helps! New content is arriving on Patreon in the next few days so sign up now to get early access! You can see the transformation of "Persephone" by clicking the image above and you can find me on Patreon for more details on my videos and how to get them as soon as they are released! Credit goes to for the music in the noted videos. Click here to see all my videos, including "YAE" and Persephone (above.) P.S. To help me keep creating, please make sure your "adblock" is off while viewing my videos. The ads help me pay for my work, and every penny matters! Thank you!

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