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New vlog launch teaser and update!

Over the next few months I'll be releasing a series of new vlogs on Patreon. In anticipation of the longer pieces, I'm launching series of Q & A vlog shorts starting this weekend. Featuring answers to questions my Patreon Patrons have asked me regarding my life and art, the videos all come in at about five minutes and will introduce you to a variety of facets of my working life, chronic illness and art process. I have already recorded a half dozen of these short videos and will be releasing them over on Patreon first! $1 gets you pre-release access, plus more perks as you increase your pledge, and your patronage helps me continue to bring increasingly relevant content to you. I'm releasing new milestone goals, a BIG project launch, upcoming art sales and more this M(o)on Day over on Patreon, check it out, pledge now to help me create more vlogs, more art and more adventures on the Luna Sea.

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